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  • Product Name : Combination machine-Combisys 2R2
    Size : Combisys 2R2
    Country of Origin : Netherlands
    Contact : Henri Bohncke (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Description:

    1.Circular saw Centaur 3, Portal version

    Suited for:

    • marble, granite or comparable materials
    • blade diameter 400 mm
    • sawing slabs of 2500x1000 mm, max. thickness 100 mm

    Saw head is adjustable, in this way sawing in cross direction and mitre is possible. Fixed by 2 steel columns tot the floor. Fully automatic step cutting with a programmable saw.

    2. Milling machine Sirius – 2R2

    Suited for:

    • milling and grinding of inside and outside edges to kitchen counter, tabletops and monuments
    • grinding and polishing slabs
    • drilling holes

    Milling unit: continuously variable 600 between and 8000 rpm, by means of a frequency control. Template scanning: 1000 x 2300 mm.

    3. Carriage type 2500

    • carriage size 2500 x 980 mm, other sizes are optional
    • lower frame and rails length 7500 mm
    • driven by means of a hand wheel and gear rack, electric drive is optional