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  • Product Name : New Monolame Cutting Machine
    Size : New Monolame
    Country of Origin : Netherlands
    Contact : Henri Bohncke (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Description:

    Maveco has developed and builed a brand new Monolame to coop with the demand of higher blocksize and capicity.
    The Monolame is suitable for cutting various kinds of natural stones like sandstone, limestone and marble.

    A block is placed on a sawing car and after this the Monolame cuts the stones in the desired formats.

    Technical specifications of this Monolame:

    Cutting range     4.000 x 2.800 mm (L x H)
    Sawing stroke    1.000 mm
    Main motor        22 kW
    Sawing car         3.000 x 3.500 mm (L x B)